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Logo Design

A full service custom logo design team is available

The process is as follow:


We like to keep the client updated every step of the way. Rough sketch, Clean line work, and finally colors. We do not move through the stages, until your approval is given. This will ensure your satisfaction every step of the way.

We have unlimited revisions, as long as they reasonable and dont require an entirely new image after we pass their respective stage. For corrections passed their stages, a fee may apply depending on the complexity of the corrections required.


This is a very messy sketch but should be clear enough to see where we are going with it. The main focus of this stage is layout and poses. After the rough sketch is completed we send it your way for approval. We make any necessary major corrections to poses and layout in this stage. The bulk of the corrections will be in this stage.


These will be the clean/final lines of the design. This will show off all the small details. Minor corrections to the line work should be done in this stage since the bulk of the corrections are already done in the Rough stage.


At this stage line work should not be touched, only colors are being corrected. This stage ends the process.


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